It all started when...

I guess you could say I was born to be a calligrapher, I mean–you can’t spell calligraphy without Cali!

My passion for calligraphy started when I was a little girl. I would often host ‘Cursive Class’ with my father at the dining table in an effort to improve his ‘chicken scratch’ handwriting. My parents saw my love for beautiful writing and bought me a learn-it-yourself calligraphy book and practice pad.

Calligraphy wasn’t a hobby that I had in common with my friends growing up, so sadly the only practice I kept up with were the doodles in my notes throughout high school and college.

One summer my parents bought me a calligraphy workshop class for my birthday, and it sparked my passion-I haven’t put down a pen since! I truly love what I do, especially creating beautiful pieces for various events and weddings. It makes me so happy to help bring a client’s vision into reality; knowing my personal touch is a part of someone’s big day!

My husband, John, and I have turned ourselves into true blue city folk. We live in Chicago with our two cats, Steeley and Stuart, and our son, Emory. We pass our time traveling, exploring The Windy City, drinking craft beer, and playing overly competitive Uno games.

It’s a good life.

Please feel free to follow me and check out my latest work on my Instagram account, @cali.orourke