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9 First Trimester Must Haves

9 First Trimester Must Haves


Now that I’m almost to the halfway point in my pregnancy, I decided to finally put together a list of items I literally could not have gotten through my first trimester without! 

During my first trimester, I was constantly googling things and checking out other preggo’s blogs for ideas to make some of the not-so-fun symptoms more tolerable—so in a way, here’s my two cents and hopefully I’ll help another preggo along the way :) No joke—it really does get better!

1. Ginger Chews—Thank you, Trader Joe’s! I only had a couple weeks of morning sickness, but I also had really bad cramping during the first month or so; cramps so bad I would feel nauseous. These were gold—I’ve heard of some people sucking on peppermints, but the taste of the Ginger Chews just worked better for me. I still have a handful at my desk and in my purse just in case!

2. La Croix—OK…I love my wine. I love my craft cocktails and beer. So still to this day, this whole no drinking thing is a drag for me. Enter, La Croix. I’m going through a case a week, minimum. The flavor is such a nice change from water and there’s zero calories, sugar and caffeine—a preggo dream! (Side note—you really start to realize how limited your options are for drinks when you eat out, almost everything has sugar/alcohol/caffeine in it!). 

3. Rainbow Light Prenatal One Vitamins—I started taking these puppies about two months before we started trying, and my piece of advice—take them at night. I felt so sick when I took them in the morning, I think because it’s a one-a-day prenatal they’re just so strong. But, I love only having to take one prenatal a day, there’s no way I could remember to take 2 or 3 vitamins a day. 

4. CeraVe—Chicago winters do not make being pregnant easy. I typically have a very challenging time in the winter keeping my skin moisturized and pregnancy has completely sucked any little bit of moisture out of my body. I was trying everything, but CeraVe was the only lotion that kept my skin comfortable. I have a small bottle of it on my desk to try and keep my hands moisturized. I really love that it’s a lightweight lotion, so I don’t feel sticky or greasy after I put it on, and it’s fragrance free—so it didn’t trigger any preggo smells when putting it on. 

5. Cheerios—I found if I went too long without a snack my morning sickness would come, so I was constantly snacking. Unfortunately, not many foods sounded great to me, so Cheerios were my go-to. A perfectly bland and low sugar option. I kept a baggie of Cheerios on my nightstand (a handful before bed, and a handful in the morning!), a box in my office, and a baggie in my purse. Whenever I started to feel m/s come on—I ran for my Cheerios!

6. Orange Juice—Oh my yum! This stuff tasted like liquid gold my first trimester (and still does)! Hubs was super concerned about me getting enough calcium, so we started buying the OJ+Calcium. Double whammy—fixed a craving and I was getting the right nutrients. 

7. Honey Trap Lip Balm—OK, I have tried nearly EVERYTHING to give my preggo lips a relief. Again, mix in the Chicago winter and I don’t think I’ve gone an entire day without chapped lips :( It’s tres uncomfortable (and a little embarrassing). This stuff is the ONLY lip balm that provides comfort and keeps my lips moisturized longer. I’ve tried cocoa butter, various lip balms, but this one is the best! 

8. The Expectant Father—It’s just as much the Dad’s journey, right? I bought John several books when I found out I was pregnant, and this is the first one he picked up. He said this book has been super helpful and informative to help him not only understand what I’m going through, but the changes he’s experiencing as well.

9. The Bump App—This has been a lot of fun! The app gives you weekly updates to let you know how big baby is and walks you through the growth baby is going through. It also breaks down some of the symptoms you may be experiencing. Hubs and I love sending each other screen shots of Baby O’Wu’s progress and seeing what size of fruit he/she is that week :)

Hopefully this is helpful to other preggos! I’m feeling a lot more like myself this second trimester—which is a very welcomed side effect! What were some of your first trimester must haves? 


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